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I switched blogs!

YOU CAN NOW FOLLOW ME HERE: http://domineau.blogspot.com
There isn't much there yet. I'm right in the middle of my last couple weeks of classes. So my next post will likely be sometime next week.
(unless anything else extraordinary happens between now and then haha!)

The content will be the same.. but I just found that FC2 was way too tiny for uploading pictures and I couldn't really do much with it (even if the layouts were cuter ;^;)

Anyways, please look forward to newer posts! I look forward to seeing you there :D

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Topic : Art and Photography Genre: Photo

Sorry I haven't really been active lately ohoho;;;
I recently got back into tumblr and I've been a bit distracted~

anyways, here's a photo from a recent masquerade I went to!! (w/ my new camera oho~)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I feel like I want to die my hair this colour haha
till next time! :D

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New Camera - Canon Powershot 1400 IS

Topic : Art and Photography Genre: Photo

I wanted to write something a little more light-hearted. Sorry for the weight of my last post.

Anyways I just recently bought this beauty online!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I'm really looking forward to getting it in the mail. I needed to upgrade from my last camera, and the phone I have is alright... (5 mega pixels) but the flash is WAY too harsh and I always get red eye. Plus It's nice to have crisp images once in a while

I'll post some pictures when it comes in the mail! It has a couple really cool features..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I thought this last one was really cool! It has a miniature mode where it turns what you're shooting into a playset! Haven't seen many shots with people in this mode yet, but I imagine it makes things looks distorted..

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Mini mode looks amazing! *____*

Heart broken.

Topic : University Life Genre: School

Sorry I haven't written anything in a little while. To be honest, I haven't really had much to say up until now.

This month I've been very stressed out as to where I want to be next year. I've been thinking of transferring campuses since I feel like I'm not fitting in here and the compulsory french class I have to take is just not doing it for me. The facilities are run-down and the pool of people here is very disappointing.

I wanted to transfer campuses but then my mom made a very interesting point; "If you're dropping the french opportunity, then what's stopping you from going to a different school altogether?"

I liked this idea, as the larger campus I'd be transferring to wasn't really my style. I decided to look into another school in Toronto I was interested in. It's highly ranked among the schools in Canada, it's in the heart of Toronto and it has historical architecture. They even had some really interesting courses that made me want to go there. However I decided I'd take a couple of tours just to make sure I wasn't just gonna dive right into another place I'd want to leave..

So we went on a total of 3 tours (we didn't go on a campus tour by the end of it all and you'll find out why). I was really hoping this was going to be the answer to my troubles. I could just apply here and all would be fine.

And I was sadly mistaken.

1) People. EVERYWHERE. And they're all in a rush.
2) NON-EXISTENT MEAL PLAN?!! You would think that with such a huge campus and with so much prestige that this wouldn't even be possible. The meal plans are overpriced, residence is boggling and if you DID have a meal plan, there's even LESS choices than where I'm staying now! (And this is one of the reasons why I wanted to leave!!) Less choices as in places you can eat and also even just THINGS you can eat! (one hot meal choice a day? what?!) Where I am now, I have access to buy food with my meal plan ANYWHERE on EITHER campuses. At this other place, it's the cafeteria and another small stare (maybe!)
3) Mostly single sex/double rooms. I like my privacy and I'd like to be able to bring my boyfriend over to stay the night. Plus, in my experience, constant estrogen is a nightmare. I can only imagine what it'd be like with a residence FULL OF IT.
3) Getting to my classes. My classes could very well be anywhere on campus. There's a large park in the middle which is a death trap to cross because they only salt one sidewalk. Or you could try dodging traffic. So in winter (basically the school year for me) this doesn't seem appealing to me.
4) Harder to get into. With my high school marks it'd be no problem, but now that I've done a year I'm afraid they may decline me. Then it'd be for nothing.

However there are also things I liked about it!!:

1) The place in Toronto I'd want to be (Yonge & Spadina anyone?)And close to most anime conventions!!
3) Prestigious program (ranked close to the top everywhere I've read, updated facilities)
4) RESOURCES!! They have so many libraries that i'd love to get lost in.
5) Every residence has access to a kitchen. (But there's no where close by I can go to get groceries)
6) Gets me out of where I am now

Do I suck up these cons and just go for the program? Can I stand living there so I get a better education? Am I REALLY put out by where I am now? Is there a way to shorten my obligation to french so I can continue living there but not have to take those awful classes?!!

I have no idea. And the deadline to decide is this week.

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lol if only it was that easy.. I still really want to stay in Toronto... and Hamilton seems a little sketchy.

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I love cosplay and videogames!
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